What is ProWit?

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ProWit Funding. This collaboration brings incredible funding solutions to our community, enabling you to elevate your trading activities with ease.

ProWit Funding offers versatile evaluation processes, allowing traders to prove their skills and receive funding for trading accounts. With options ranging from $15K to $500K, ProWit ensures you have the capital needed to maximize your trading potential.

Why ProWit?

💼 Flexible Funding Options

Choose between one-phase or two-phase evaluations tailored to your needs.

📈 Generous Profit Sharing

Earn up to 95% of your profits.

💸 Instant Rewards

Benefit from quick payouts and ongoing incentives.

Unlock Your Trading Potential with ProWit

As a member of the MTR Trading community you'll have access to incredible funding opportunities through our partnership with ProWit Funding. This collaboration is designed to help you maximize your trading potential with tailored funding solutions.

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